Casco Youth Leadership

1. Project background introduction

ULC Wuhan Optics Valley Cambridge International High School (hereinafter referred to as ULC Wuhan) adheres to the concept of education first, focusing on the cultivation and development of students’ comprehensive qualities, so that students have the key to communication skills, cooperation skills, creative skills, critical thinking skills, etc. Literacy. With this consistent value concept, Cascade Youth Leadership (hereinafter referred to as Cascade), with its seventy-year curriculum advantages and teaching methods, was at ULC in the summer of 2017.

Wuhan held the first leadership training camp, which has achieved remarkable results in students’ self-cognition and management, self-esteem and self-confidence building, character development, active listening and communication, and teamwork.

ULC Wuhan Optics Valley Cambridge International High School pays attention to the growth and sustainable development of students, supports the voice of students, and encourages students to actively participate in the co-construction of the school; the school also emphasizes the co-construction of home and school, regularly carries out parent courses, and ultimately forms a school, student, and parent. As a learning community, grow and progress together. With this vision, Casco Youth Leadership hopes to have more sustainable development with the school on the basis of its system upgrade curriculum and its construction and support for youth strength and sound platform. Students who have been trained can become leaders by upgrading the learning of leadership courses, and form a positive ripple reaction with the power of role models, affecting more students around them; they can also learn through the action of youth-project-based teaching courses. Problems, establish solutions, and use the school platform and the Casco Youth Impact Conference platform to make their voices heard and communicate their influence.

2. ULC Wuhan-Cascade Leadership Learning-Interpretation of Practice Model Model

The Casco leadership school cooperation model can be divided into a variety of continuous upgrade models, namely

A: "1+2" mode
B: "1+3" mode
C: "1+2+3" mode

Three-in-one learning community

3. ULC Wuhan-Cascade Leadership SSFLC Community: School + Student + Family

4. Systematic goals of the project / students and school gains